What is the Filipino Fighting Arts Association?

Our goal is to promote and share the Filipino Martial Arts around the World at the highest technical level. We offer a well-structured educational program for everyone who would like to develop a background and in-depth knowledge of Filipino Martial Arts. We regard both the Filipino Martial Arts and the Martial Arts community in general as a big family and cultivate open-minded and friendly association with each other.

What are the duties and responsibilities of the Association?

All affiliated Filipino Fighting Arts groups are organized in the Filipino Fighting Arts Association (FFAA). What does the FFAA for its members?
  • We administrate the group network and memberships.
  • We run and administrate the FFA website and our membership platform.
  • We produce and supply the FFA apparel, training equipment and additional learning aids like special topic DVDs and seminar videos. 
  • We wrote the program textbooks for each student and blackbelt level and revise them constantly. Our student level textbooks Level 1 to Level 6 include about 650 pages with 4200+ step-by-step pictures, which is very unique in the FMA world.
  • We built the biggest online learning platform for Filipino Martial Arts worldwide - FMA365.com - with hundreds of videos to be able to learn the complete art online or as supplement to your face-to-face training.
  • We hold instructor education courses and provide them with instructor learning and teaching aids.
  • We upgrade FFA instructors and build up and observe a consistent and high standard at all FFAA affiliated clubs.
  • We organize workshops and seminars for our members and also big open Martial Arts Camps with high level guest instructors from various styles. With these events we would not only like to share knowledge but also bring people from different clubs, regions and countries together and to build up a family of friends.
All these tasks are financed by the membership fees. The membership is required to take part at Filipino Fighting Arts examinations and helps us grow and to provide even more services to you.